05 juin 2006

Playlist 1

Les Strokes bien évidemment.

Is This It, Someday, Last Nite, NYC Cops, Take It or Leave It, 12:51, Between Love and Hate, The End Has No End (parce que quand même), You Only Live Once, Juicebox, Heart in a Cage, Razorblade, 15 minutes, Evening Sun, et bien sûr I'll Try Anything Once.

Ensuite Jude :

I'm Sorry Now, I Do, Rick James, Brad and Suzy, the Asshole Song, Indian Lover, King of Yesterday, Oh Boy, Teenage Girlfriend, The Not So Pretty Princess, Madonna, If You Need, Perfect Plank, Isn't It Over.

Dirty Pretty Things (coup de coeur) :

Bang Bang You're Dead, Blood thirsty Bastard, Gin&Milk, You Fucking Love it, Wondering.

Un peu d'Andrew Foshee :

Love Song, In Your Arms, Photo, What's it like to be in love, Falling Apart, Ahold of me.

Ben Harper :

La reprise des Verve, The Drugs Don't Work (sublime), Beloved One, Walk Away, Morning Yearning, Welcome to the Cruel World.

Arctic Monkeys :

I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, Fake Tales of San Francisco, Mardy Bum, When the Sun Goes Down, A Certain Romance.

Puis des chansons en vrac : Rebellion (Lies), Arcade FireMy Doorbell & the Denial Twist, the White Stripes, un peu de Grand National, un peu de Kasabian, beaucoup de Libertines, mais aussi d'Oasis et de Blur, des Verve, d'Ali Whitton, des Raconteurs, d'Elliott Smith, des Hushpuppies, de Fuck Buddies, de Federal, de Tété.

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